Lirik Lagu Pretty Boy- Chaleeda lyrics

Lirik Lagu Pretty Boy- Chaleeda lyrics + VIDEO

Your face is a work of art
Mesmerized from the very start
Looking like James Dean
Like a cover of a magazine

Everybody knows your name
And all the girls they go insane
When they see ya
And all the boys they wanna be ya

I don’t need x3
These fancy things
All these girls in a line
And they treat you like a king

And I know you’re always tryna hit me up
But I don’t think I’m into that kind of love
Cos you’re just a pretty boy
No my heart, no my heart, won’t let you in
Ooh you’re just a pretty boy
I wont make the same mistakes again

Cos youre just a pretty boy
I don’t want no pretty boy
Cos youre just a pretty boy
I don’t want no pretty boy

Always using your daddy’s name
Living life in the fast lane
If it’s not branded
You wouldn’t have it

Take trips to Paris and Milan
Looks like you’re always having fun
Instagram famous
No waiting on a wait list



And I know, and I know,
I’m not the only one
Been through this before
And now I’m done
Pretty boys like you keep getting what they want
But that don’t work for me
That don’t work for me x3


Artist: Chaleeda
Song: Pretty Boy
Producer and Composer (Publisher): Kuizz (MVQ Music)
Lyricist (Publisher): Kuizz (MVQ Music)/ Bil Musa (Yuna Room Records Sdn Bhd)
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