Lirik Lagu Unknown – I Am Neeta

Lirik Lagu Unknown – I Am Neeta

Through the years I have learned
Tried conquering my world
I’m sitting on a fortune
And falling in love

Love’s the meaning now and you
Are the one who made it true
And my blood seems obviously
(E-oh) A haunting melody

I try to forget
You know memories
I’m still on the run
I’m begging on my knees
Will I ever learn
How to catch control?
Will I ever know?
You go into my soul

Oh uh oh uh oh uh oh
Your friends are gotta know
Your f**ked up by yourself (e-yeah-yeah)
Oh uh oh uh oh uh oh
They leave you all alone
And now you’re on your own (e-yeah yeah)

[Repeat song twice]

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